Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

ഹായ്! (hi in malayalam)

Hi guys! Today I’m hoping to cover at least one of the two topics I have on agenda. Ahem.

ME, THE TEACHER: Okay class, now turn to your textbook page 231 and read the section titled: WordPress’s New Talent and Post by meeee-

YOU GUYS: Yes, ma’am.

ME: Good dogs. Wait, that’s one of the animals on the Chinese zodiac cycle! Complete unrelated, but just you wait-

And now, after that brilliant intro, I’m gonna start with the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge. This is basically a challenge (duh) where you have to try and read as many books as you can by Asian authors, all in 2019. I might be a bit late, as one month has already went by, but I’m going to try anyway. This is hosted by four AWESOME bloggers- go check their blog right now if you haven’t already. Shealea from Shut Up Shealea, CW from The Quiet Pond, Lily from Sprinkles of Dreams and Vicky from Vicky Who Reads. Like I said, go look at their blogs before hurrying back here! Head over here for more details!

Of course, you can read books from any time period- published in 2018, 2017 or even the 1900s! NO LIMITS to where reading can take you. Rereads count, as long as you start AND finish in 2019. Challenge ends on Dec. 31.

I’m aiming for the Indian Cobra, which means I’m going to try and read at least 11-20 books. I’ll do my best to post every once in a while, but you guys, sometimes there’ll be something going on and I won’t be able to post.

Ok, well, I kinda can’t post the rest of what I was intending right now. Urgent family stuff.  I’ll post it as soon as I can, though. I hope any of you out there take up this challenge and join the Asian Reading Squad!

Well, guys, DFTBA and have a great life until I post again! (Yeah yeah, have a great life forever, but you know what I mean).



P.S. That’s bye in Korean! Come on- you didn’t think I would do two Asian languages? I already did Malayalam, you say. Tsk tsk.

P.P.S. Sneak Peek: Next post will be the 20 Questions Book Tag! Keep an eye out for it!

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