Make the World a Less Sucky Place


It’s me again, and I wanted to do something good for a change 😊. So I have a challenge for you guys.

Here’s the challenge:

Consciously smile three times tomorrow, and strike up a conversation wth someone you don’t normally talk to. 

Here are some conversation starting ideas:

  • How’s your day been so far?
  • Whatcha doing over the weekend?
  • I heard you are going to a ski trip. 
  • Hey, what’s that assignment Mr. No-name asked about?
  • Wow, you’re a really good artist. 

And maybe that person just needed someone to talk to, someone who would notice them that day. It might even make their day.

And that is why you should use my tips and tricks to making our world a better place!



2 thoughts on “Make the World a Less Sucky Place

  1. yay! so okay I tried this today and some people didn’t really respond but… it was still pretty cool. oh, I’m trying to think of story prompts too because I’m thinking about writing a little over break, so I have an idea. what if we did this blogger collab? we could each use the same prompts, and both of us have to write a paragraph introducing it (and maybe continue writing it later)
    dftba ✌

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