Shout-outs, thanking & my blogosphere

My Blogosphere:

To be honest, my blogosphere is irritatingly small. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m working on getting to know other blogs and bloggers and expand my area of “expertise”, if you could call it that, 😊 so onto the shout-outs!

First of all, I never would have started blogging of not for Vaishnavi from this blog, and I’m seriously thanking her for this. 

Second, there’s one other new blogger who I found online: penny1023 from this blog. She gave me a shout-out, so hey, I owe her one back.

And now, it’s thanksgiving, so boy is it a good time to be thankful! My list of thanks go to (in no particular order):

  • My family forever
  • Having a home
  • My friends, always
  • Having clean food and water
  • My teachers (in all areas of life) for showing me that I have inner strength
  • Any authors of books I have read and loved
  • The earth for allowing me to stand on it
  • You guys, for actually reading this post and being the best 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Miss y’all,


2 thoughts on “Shout-outs, thanking & my blogosphere

  1. I love how this is just an award ceremony praising the great Earth *imagine me on my knees, moving my arms up & down and chanting “We love the Earth. The Earth loves us”*

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