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Hi! Aditi here, and actually I’m feeling sorta proud of myself for three reasons:

  1. I am posting twice in one week! I guess that’s to make up for the month in which I was off the radar…hehe🤓🤓
  2. I actually played with my brother for THREE WHOLE HOURS… with stuffed animals! Usually I get fed up and go read a book, but this time, I guess not!
  3. And finally… I made a hat! I actually loom knit it, and it was surprisingly easy. Also, the entire process only took a couple of hours. There was just one teeny, tiny problem: I made it too big and I used bland colors. Okay, so maybe two not-so-tiny problems,  but here’s how it ended up:


So thank you and Adios!


2 thoughts on “Craftyness!

  1. This actually looks great! You should put a bobble or something on it! 🦠 (<- I know that’s a bacteria emoji but it’s the closet thing I could find to a bobble, ok?!)

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